2021 Audi Q4 e-tron

The German carmaker is working on further expansion of its SUV lineup, despite that there are already numerous models of this kind in the offer. Simply, the current car market is mostly about crossovers, so it’s never enough of them in the lineup. Moreover, this model complements with another aspect of the automotive industry, as we are talking about an all-electric vehicle. That’s why many call this crossover 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron. At this point, we already know some of the details about the new compact SUV, but there are still plenty of details to come.

From what we know about this model, the powertrain department will be kinda familiar, with a dual electric motor setup. Furthermore, the Ingolstadt carmaker will offer all kinds of charging options for improved flexibility. Finally, we count on a hi-end cabin, with a load of gadgets and other tech goodies. The 2021 Audi Q4 release date should be scheduled for the next year.

2021 Audi Q4 e-tron Render

2021 Audi Q4 Drivetrain

Of course, one of the most interesting parts of the 2021 Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron will the drivetrain. This is one of the aspects that’s already known. The new model will, as you may presume, ride on the company’s new MEB platform, reserved for the electric model. The whole setup will be based on two electric motors, one for each axle. The main power will come from the motor on the rear axle, which will deliver around 200 horsepower. An additional amount of 100 horses will come from the front-axle-mounted motor, which combined means a total output of 300 horsepower. That’s a quite respectable number, so it’s no wonder that the company claims 0-60 time in just 6.3 seconds. On the other side, the top speed will be limited to around 112 miles per hour.

When it comes to the range and charging options, details are yet to come. Still, we expect that the max range will go around 280 miles, which is pretty comparable to rivals from Tesla, Ford and Jaguar. Also, we have no doubt that the German carmaker will offer a plethora of charging options, including a 125-kWh fast charger, which hits 80 percent of the battery in a little bit over 30 minutes.

2021 Audi Q4 Design

When it comes to base design characteristics, we’ve just mentioned that the new model will ride on a new MEB platform. The chassis setup will include all kinds of advanced tech solutions, One of the things that come to mind is air suspension, which will be on the list of standard equipment. It will have a critical impact on overall comfort.

On the other side, details about the styling are pretty easy to guess, as the concept version of the 2021 Audi Q4 has been presented last year. It features a typical Audi’s design philosophy, though the front end is full of details that accentuate the model’s all-electric nature. That’s mostly notable on the grille pattern and headlights. As you may presume, the even number in its name means that we are talking about a sloping roof and a couple-like layout.

2021 Audi Q4 e-tron release date


In terms of the interior design, we presume that many solutions will be borrowed from the concept version. Still, we are pretty sure that many elements of the 2021 Audi Q4 interior will be slightly toned down as well, in order to provide lower production costs. Still, we have no doubt that the cabin quality will remain at a very high level. In a typical Audi manner, it should come with loads of advanced tech goodies, including a nearly completely digitalized dashboard, which would include the well-known Virtual Cockpit, as well as a huge infotainment screen.

When it comes to the interior space, we expect a similar amount of passenger room as in the Q5 model. Of course, the sloping roof may affect the amount of headroom in the second row, while the cargo area will certainly be smaller.

Audi Q4 e-tron concept

2021 Audi Q4 Release Date and Price

According to the latest reports, the new all-electric pickup truck will come sometime in the next year. When it comes to the 2021 Audi Q4 price, we expect that base models will go around 45.000 dollars.

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