2021 GMC Envoy Rumors and Expectations

Today’s automotive market is all about the crossover, so it’s no wonder that models that have been discontinued not so long ago are now coming back. One of them could easily be 2021 GMC Envoy. The familiar SUV has been in production during the first decade of the 21st century. Due to the global financial crisis and fuel prices, in particular, it was discontinued a decade ago. Meanwhile, crossovers became the key segment in the business. These days, it looks like there’s never enough SUVs on the market, so each carmaker is looking to fill up the lineup as much as possible.

GMC is no exception, so it’s no wonder that the 2021 GMC Envoy has been under speculation for some time. Simply, this is one of the rare carmakers that still has room for new models in its crossover lineup. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we can hear all kinds of rumors about the models for the future. In the case of Envoy’s return, there is a couple of possible options to see.

2021 GMC Envoy render front

2021 GMC Envoy As Full-Size Crossover

The first and most probable option is to see the 2021 GMC Envoy as a full-size crossover. The recent Acadia redesign was a little bit surprising, as the new model became significantly smaller. While the corporal sibling, Chevy Traverse rides on a stretched version of a well-known C1 architecture, the current-generation Acadia rides on its standard version, which means it features typical mid-size dimensions.

This leaves plenty of room for the 2021 GMC Envoy, which would, in that case, be a flagship crossover, positioned under the full-size BoF SUV Yukon. The new model would feature the same size as Traverse, as well as the same mechanics. This means it would be a practical crossover, which offers plenty of passenger room, tremendous cargo area etc.

In terms of motorization, we presume it would come with the same 3.6-liter V6 that puts around 310 horsepower and delivers quite respectable driving dynamics. It comes in pair with a nine-speed automatic transmission, which sends power to either front or all wheels.

2021 GMC Envoy Render rear

GMC Envoy and Buick Enspire

Some sources also suggest the possibility to see the new GMC Envoy 2021 in a notably smaller package. According to this scenario, the new model would sit between Terrain and Acadia, with dimensions that go somewhere between compact and mid-size. In that case, the new model would share most of its parts with the upcoming Buick Enspire, which means the same E2 platform that underprints the new Cadillac XT4.

If this happens, the new 2021 GMC Envoy would come with a 2.0-liter turbo-four under the hood and a little bit more than 109 inches in wheelbase. In our opinion, this doesn’t seem very likely, as the lineup would feel a little bit crowded in that case. Still, the third scenario sounds even less likely to us.

GMC Envoy As BoF SUV

The third scenario of 2021 GMC Envoy comeback would mean a more traditional design. According to some rumors, there is even a chance to see the new model riding on a body-on-frame platform. In that case, we would probably see a mid-size SUV, as the flagship position belongs to Yukon. As you may presume, this version would share most of its parts with the GMC Canyon, a mid-size truck that shares most of its parts with Chevy Colorado.

If the company eventually decides to go BoF, we won’t be surprised if we see something even smaller. For example, something with compact dimensions would have the potential to give Jeep Wrangler and the upcoming Ford Bronco run for their money. Unfortunately, this is the least possible scenario.

GMC logo

2021 GMC Envoy Release Date

While there are chances to see a comeback of this crossover, all these reports about the 2021 GMC Envoy are nothing more than speculations. This leads us to the conclusion that this comeback most likely won’t happen, though minimal chances are always there.

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