2024 Audi Q9: Is There a Chance for Full-Size Audi SUV

Although Audi’s portfolio is huge, with so many cars and SUVs, the Ingolstadt company never had a proper full-size SUV in its lineup. On the other hand, key rivals, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, have been competing in this segment for a while. Mercedes-Benz offers the GLS, while BMW has just updated its X7 model. In the case of Audi, rumors about such a vehicle have been circulating around for a long time and it looks like something is finally happening. The latest reports suggest that the new flagship model could arrive already by the end of the next year, as the 2024 Audi Q9.

Allegedly, the full-size SUV has been in development for a while and it is in a pretty advanced stage. Different sources suggest the same design approach, where the new model would use a lot of technical solutions from the Q7 mid-size SUV. However, we would also see all kinds of upgrades, whether it’s about mechanics or the latest tech features.

2024 Audi Q9

2024 Audi Q9 Design

As we’ve just mentioned, all sources suggest the same scenario for Q9’s development. The Ingolstadt company announced that it plans one more generation of its models with internal-combustion engines, which means that the MLB platform would remain in use for several more years. Of course, the 2024 Audi Q9 would ride on that platform too, though with various upgrades and updates.

One of the upgrades could be an even more refined suspension setup, even though the Q7 stands pretty well in this aspect. The mid-size SUV offers composed handling and a smooth ride, thanks to the standard air suspension. Furthermore, we count on various updates to the platform, which would bring new advanced driver-assistance features, upgraded hybrid powertrains, and more.


When it comes to the exterior design, the most interesting thing about the 2024 Audi Q9 is its size. This will be the largest vehicle in Audi’s lineup, with a notably longer wheelbase compared to the mid-size sibling. We estimate that the new full-size SUV would feature around 122 inches in wheelbase, while the rest of the measurements would also be pretty similar to the class rivals.

2024 Audi Q9 render

In terms of the styling, we count on a typical SUV shape, with a large wagon-like body and decent ground clearance. We could also see adaptive dampers that could increase ground clearance in necessary situations. Still, we don’t expect to see some super-rugged off-road version.

In terms of aesthetics, we expect the 2024 Audi Q9 to establish to new design language. We presume that a lot of inspiration will be taken from the e-tron family of electric cars.


Since we are talking about the future flagship SUV, expectations are big. The Ingolstadt company has always been known for well-built interiors, so we expect nothing less from the 2024 Audi Q9. Moreover, we expect that the bar will be raised even more.

Audi’s typical interior design approach includes excellent materials and pretty conservative aesthetics. There is usually a lot of attention to detail, while there is also a pretty generous offer of high-tech features. We presume there could be a lot of resemblance with the Audi A8 sedan, which is currently the most luxurious vehicle in the company’s lineup.

In terms of seating configuration, the 2024 Audi Q9 will feature three rows of seats. Due to the long wheelbase, we expect to see a much more comfortable third row than in the mid-size Q7, which feels pretty tight in this part of the cabin. Of course, we also expect to see a much larger cargo area.

2024 Audi Q9 Interior

2024 Audi Q9 Engines

As we already mentioned, the 2024 Audi Q9 will definitely use internal combustion engines. Plug-in hybrid versions are expected as well, while gasoline versions could get help from mild-hybrid systems.

So, base models will probably come with a 3.0-liter V6 engine, which currently puts out 335 horsepower. V8 units are also expected. Currently, there are two variants of this engine available in Audi’s models. We presume that the SQ9 would come with around 500 horsepower, while the RS Q9 would use a 591-hp version of the engine. Some sources suggest an even more powerful variant of this engine, with 640 horsepower, which currently powers Cayenne Turbo GT.

Naturally, we also expect to see hybrid versions. The Q7 current comes with two plug-in hybrid systems, both based on a V6 engine, with 376 and 450 horsepower. Moreover, we could also see a V8-based system from the Porsche Cayenne, which offers a monstrous max output of 690 horsepower.

All versions would come with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

2024 Audi Q9 Release Date and Price

The 2024 Audi Q9 is still just a rumor but if we can trust these unofficial reports, the 2024 Audi Q9 could arrive already in about a year. If this model happens, we estimate that the base versions would cost around 80.000 dollars.

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