2021 Ford Bronco Confirmed!

2021 Ford Bronco featured

The sixth generation of the iconic SUV is finally here. After almost 25 years of waiting, the legendary nameplate is once again in the business. The new model comes with lots of amazing features and there is no doubt that we are about to see an amazing battle with another …

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2021 Ford Escape ST: Rumor or Something More?

2021 Ford Escape ST Render

The new generation of Ford’s compact crossover arrived last year and it handles so well that it simply begs for more power. That’s why rumors about the ST version appeared right after the initial launch. These days, things are still quite uncertain. On one side, sources like Ford Authority suggest …

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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is Clash of Two Worlds

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Featured

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is the point where the company’s past meets the future. Named and inspired by the company’s most iconic car, the new model comes as the first all-electric crossover from the Blue Oval company ever. The new model is production-ready and we expect it will hit …

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2021 Ford Expedition Changes, Features, Specs, Price

2021 Ford Expedition Featured

The current generation of Ford’s flagship SUV has been around for just a couple of years, which clearly indicates that the 2021 Ford Expedition changes will be minimal. Simply, it’s still early for a mid-cycle update, despite that the competition is becoming much stronger these days. The all-new Tahoe and …

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2021 Ford Edge Specs, Hybrid, ST, Price

2021 Ford Edge featured

If we can rely on the latest reports, the next year probably won’t be particularly interesting in the case of this mid-size crossover. The current generation has been around for about five years and as we have already seen a facelift, we are pretty sure that the current model will …

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