2024 Honda Element is Back!

In the following year, the fabulous 2024 Honda Element could make a comeback. Almost 15 years have passed since the original SUV was withdrawn. The small SUV was priced a bit too much for its target customers around 21 years old. The capability to be perfect for moving, camping, and more weren’t sufficient to inspire younger people to take out huge loans for this SUV.

We have heard many rumors on the street. According to the latest speculations the 2024 Element could be released next year with a completely new design.

The crossover would likely recall its boxy look. Many expect that vehicle will get a more contemporary cabin. It will keep a 2-row layout with a five-seat capacity. This inheritance would be well-preserved, but it will introduce higher-quality materials, as well as technical advances.

The Honda HR-V that’s existing in Japan has a hybrid version, so we can guess that the Honda Element could have a hybrid type as well. Receiving about 35 mpg would make it a rationally viable option. 

2024 honda element

Exterior And Interior Design

In relation to the latest reports, 2024 Honda Element could be more popular than ever. This pet-friendly SUV could see a thorough renovation over the next year. Many predict that it would have many design resemblances to the Honda Pilot and Passport models. It is expected a brand new front fascia, with a new grille, and a more attractive lighting system, if that happens.

As stated in the Honda hierarchy, the Element is the most renowned and characteristic SUV in its class. However, the small crossover has its own character. It comes out with an exclusive design and a boxy look. The color possibilities were one of its most inspiring features. We don’t yet know what exterior shades the 2024 Honda Element could have. Many dependable sources advise that the up-to-date generation’s popular colors are still accessible. This contains widespread colors like Citrus Fire, Cargo Khaki and Royal Blue Pearl.

The 2024 Element interior could offer greater extravagance. Various upgrades are planned by the carmaker. Its purpose arrives with two rows of chairs and adequate space for five people, just like the previous models. We could expect the same stylishness but with some new equipment.

The Honda Element will feature a totally reshaped dashboard, with tri-zone automatic temperature control and an 8-inch infotainment touch screen. The gorgeous SUV could get more security features and Element will once again be pet-friendly.

pet friendly 2024 honda element

2024 Honda Element Engine

The engine of the 2024 Honda Element is not identified up till now. Many are certain that the new Element would use a 1.5-liter turbo four engine, which can be found in many Honda cars. The engine can develop a maximum of 191 horsepower, which should make it an excellent choice for a small SUV. This powertrain is naturally equipped with a CVT transmission. It offers a smoother driving capability than an automatic gearbox.

A difference in the well-known hybrid engine arrangement is the next option. Also, many accept as true that the manufacturer would use a familiar 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which is opposite to the electrical motor. This plan could produce 212 horsepower and provide exceptional fuel economy.

2024 honda element comeback

2024 Honda Element Release Date And Price

Regrettably, the official 2024 Honda Element has not yet been pronounced. Several sources claim that the new model is still under secret expansion. Also, spy photographs of the SUV could arise in the following months.

As already mentioned, this model would probably share many fashioning cues with Honda’s new Passport and Pilot models. Even though the price is indefinite, it could be much higher than $20,000.


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  1. Marco A. Tenorio

    As soon as it comes we are getting one, best little car I ever had.

  2. I want one.
    Save me one

  3. This is pure malarky. There sadly is no new Element in the works.

  4. A 100% electric version would be too expensive and in that version, Honda will have wasted their time (even in California). A hybrid version using their 2.0 (non-turbo), priced in the $24k–$26k range would sell faster than they could manufacture them….(IF the Honda dealerships did not add $5,000–$10,000 in dealer ad ons to attempt to require consumers to buy them!) That seems to be the new tactic dealerships are using these days. The dealerships must also think they know what you want to order at the nearest drive thru restaurant? Or maybe they think they know the next set of lotto numbers? When dealerships already have limited stock and then dress them up with up to $10k in ad ons, they get to look at those vehicles on their lots for a long time until they locate a fool to buy them with those conditions. The dealerships should have base models, mid grade models and then deluxe models so they can sell to anyone but instead they load up dealer ad ons to the only models on the lot, hoping for a home run. AVOID those dealerships and go through a car buying service like Cosco or your credit union. Most use True Car and you can also use that yourself and order the vehicle you want with or without options YOU WANT which is the only way it should be! Let the dealerships keep making payments on the vehicles they’ve added dealer ad ons to and pick what you want, not what they think they’re telling you that you have to buy….

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