Are You Ready for the 750-hp 2024 BMW XM Label Red SUV?

The Bavarian company is always ready to move the borders. Their SUV lineup is already impressive. The X5 is the flagship model, the X6 is one of the most attractive SUVs thanks to the coupe styling, the X3 is the most powerful in the compact segment with 503 hp, and the X7 is the new, full-size SUV. There is room for more! The 2024 BMW XM Label Red will deliver 750 horsepower and beat even the Grand Cherokee and the famous Hellcat.

The carmaker announced the new model on Instagram. Besides the power output and torque level, there are no further details about the release date. One photo is enough to warm up stories and make fans think about the upcoming 2024 XM Label Red. We assume that the vehicle is in development and it might have the first appearance somewhere in 2023. Anyway, BMW will be out with more details soon.

2024 BMW XM Label Red

Under the Hood of the 2024 BMW XM Label Red

The 2024 BMW XM Label Red will use the plug-in hybrid engine with 750 horsepower and the range of 55 miles. It is very impressive, having in mind that the XM is going to be based on the X7 SUV. The Label Red is the next stage of development of the XM package which debuted last year. With it, the company managed to squeeze 644 hp. The SUV can go 0-60 mph in 4 seconds. The Label Red is something like the Competition Package for X5 and X6. Extra power will make it faster, probably needing 3.5-3.7 sec for a 0-60 mph sprint.


The new XM SUV is sitting above the X7 in the lineup, even its Alpina version. It is not easy, but the company is making a statement. The power enhancement is the highlight, but the Label Red package also makes the SUV look more eye-catching. Unique infotainment features and genuine leather upholstery are making the interior cozier and more exclusive. Driver assistance reaches a higher level of autonomy. There are also a few optional upgrades, such as vintage leather and a two-row layout with a large panoramic roof.

2024 BMW XM Label Red interior

2024 BMW XM Label Red Price

We can say only that the 2024 BMW XM Label Red will cost hefty. It might become one of the most expensive vehicles in the market. Still, it should stay under $200,000. The XM costs $160,000 and the Label Red might add like $15,000, or even more for the 100+ hp power boost and styling upgrades.

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